Death Note 2017

The big budget live action and Hollywood version of Death Note is finally here. This Japanese manga/anime adaptation of the same name Death Note is directed by Adam Wingard is currently streaming on Netflix. The reviews have not been so good but let’s talk about in depth about the movie.

If you have already seen the Death Note Anime then I strongly elaborate that the movie is just an adaptation and not the same as it is in Anime/Manga. The nature of the characters are totally different from the Anime most of them are quite opposite, I’d say.

The movie just simply ruins the things that we loved from the Anime, where if it’s Light’s evilness or L’s calmness and deducing techniques. The movie has a different storyline considering the L trying to catch Light remains the same. The movie moves really fast and does not keep track of its pace which makes you think “How the hell is this happening so quickly?”.

The movie tries so hard to tell us the another perspective of the original Anime but simply fails. The reason is that original Anime is so much compelling and thrilling that you might as well just binge watch it. The movie plot is poorly written and the deduction made by L or any other character just doesn’t make much of a sense and does not give any explaining. This could be the another example of how Hollywood ruins the Anime adaptation just like Dragon Ball Z.Death-Note-Light-Poster

The acting is not that good and the casting choice just doesn’t seem right but the one cast they had was Willem Dafoe as the Ryuk is perfect. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is really a dream cast (So does Joker). The gesture and the laugh and all just matches to the original. The fact that Ryuk suppose to be neutral as in not with Light neither against him, they wrote it in way that Ryuk actually forces Light to write a name in the first place and it just doesn’t make sense “Why the hell would Ryuk threaten Light?”.

Now for the people who have not watched the anime and want to watch the movie. I would recommend that you can just simply ignore this and watch the Anime because it is so so so much better and after that for change or new perspective you can watch the movie. The movie is not THAT bad, there are some moments which are pretty cool and watching a movie on this huge scale and budget is different as well. The fact is the live action Death Note movie did not do justice to such a popular and widely loved Anime Death Note.

(It is difficult to distinguish both anime and movie as they both have same name but I tried, hush!)

Final Review: 5/10

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Hitman’s bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce and Samuel L. Jackson as Darius Kincaid(Evans) is an action packed movie of 2017. As a comic-book movie fan when I saw the movie, it felt more like Deadpool and Nick fury team up against baddies. Honestly, this is the closest we are going to see them in a movie so why not assume it.

The movie is pretty straight forward, Michael(Ryan) is a bodyguard, assigned to protect Darius(Samuel) and present him at the court for a big case. The chemistry between Ryan and Samuel Jackson is top-notch and they have portrayed the characters which are not much of a new thing to them, both of them are playing a trained agent sorta person. The  movie also involves Elodie Yung as Amelia Roussel playing Michael’s love interest with a bit conflict which is solved at the end of the movie. Talk about Cliché, huh? Salma Hayek as Sonia Kincaid plays wife of Darius(Samuel), they have bitter-sweet relationship.

Basically if you loved Deadpool, the R-rated, constantly swearing, action packed romantic movie then you will definitely like watching Hitman’s Bodyguard. There are lot of things you might like from the movie. There are couple of thrilling but funny chase sequences. The movie is not kind of a brilliant one but does not suck as well. The acting and the plot is pretty entertaining and you will not get bore even for a second. The cinematography and editing could have been better but nevertheless the movie does not break your expectations.

Good Things : Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson together(Are you kidding me)

Constant swearing of Samuel L. Jackson(Awesome, Motherfucker).

Decent Action.

Awesome car chase.

Jim Gordon getting his ass kicked by Nick Fury.body


Final Review: 7.5/10

I will not explain any bad things about movie because its a movie after all it is up to you if you want to watch it or not. Any kind of a review does not matter if you like the movie yourself.